Christmas Colouring Competition 2020

We had great fun  organising a free colouring competition for children aged up to 6 and 7 to 12 to brighten a very gloomy time for us all

We selected winners and runners up from both categories and here are some messages on thanks from the lucky winners parents

Omg !! That has made his day 

Thanks again for bringing joy and light in these unexpected times!! 

Cheryl mum of Samuel



Oh wow thank you so much for choosing Maya-mae as a runner up in the 6 and under age group. She will be so happy to hear that – and did make me laugh when she drew our cat in a present and a Xmas spider too on her drawing as well as the original Xmas items🤣. 

Thank you ever so much again she will love spending her voucher when she can get loads of art supplies for her and her sister.  

Thanks Rachel