Oak Farm Vets – Pet Dog Advice

With thanks to the wonderful Oak Farm Vets some ideas on how to keep your dog happy

With people being asked to self isolate people are naturally worried about what you can do with your dog, especially if they’re an active pet!

We’ve compiled a few ideas for you to help with your dog to support you while you’re at home.

Scatter feeding – a really simple idea is to ditch the food bowl and scatter kibble fed dogs food in the garden. This allows them to search for their food and takes a bit of time in some cases while your pet relies on their scent to find food.

Licky mats – also another great idea to pass some time and tire them out. Freezing them makes them last that little bit longer!

Snuffle mats are also another great idea if you have one or can get one delivered. Hiding treats in here also helps to mentally stimulate a lively dog, especially if the treats are small!

Treat cubes, puzzles hiding food – these are other useful ideas to help stimulate your pet. Even using items in your house such as cereal boxes, loo rolls, newspaper and even towels can be used to hide treats.
If you’ve not had a look at the Facebook page – Canine Enrichment – now is the time to have a browse and find lots of cheap and even free ideas!

Hiding toys can be a fun game for dogs too – alternate these daily to keep it more exciting!

Perhaps getting back to training could be an option?! Dogs are never too old to learn a new trick or even brush up on their current commands – spending the time in the house or garden relearning and developing skills not only mentally stimulates them but will also help to strengthen the bond between you both. Take a look at YouTube for ideas and demonstrations. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can teach them new skills!

Playing in the garden is also a great way to burn off a bit of energy. Creating obstacle courses and maybe playing with toys will help your dog pass the time and get a bit of exercise.
Go easy with tennis balls though as the repetition and sudden twisting and loading on the limbs can cause injury and can be very uncomfortable for those suffering from Arthritis.