Youth Activities

Lions ROAR in conjunction with 7 Billion Ideas 

7 Billion Ideas is fully funded by Lions Clubs of the South East of England and is open to Key Stage 2 pupils (children aged 7-11) across the South East. Pupils are encouraged to ‘roar’ out their world changing ideas, creating posters, prototypes, jingles and stories over a five-week period with the schools selecting a winning team to compete in the December final.

The students are inspired to think big and dream big about the possibility of their ideas encouraging them to use their imaginations and creativity to make a difference. Guildford Lions have supported schools since 2018 and 2019 involving Weyfield School, Bushey Hill School, Burpham Primary and will continue to work with local schools going forward.

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This short videos provides a great insight into what the project is all about

Pirbright School Nurture Farm at Pirbright Village Primary School

Guildford Lions have made a considerable commitment towards the funding of the  “Therapy Farm” at Pirbright Village Primary School which will include areas & pens for goats, rabbits and guinea pigs, a chicken run along with allotments for produce which will develop a “self-funding” effort within the first year. 

The anticipation is that the Knowle Hill Special Needs School will subsidise Pirbright School to use these facilities for their own educational development.

The next stage will be to develop further use by other schools in the Guildford catchment area.

George Abbott School.

Guildford Lions is a leading partner in a careers initiative series to help George Abbott sixth formers 

We engaged in this initiative in Autumn 2018 which  provides presentations including such subjects as Medical Sciences and Engineering, Apprenticeships. 

This is a “High Profile” activity for the Club and we are proud to be a partner in this process.

Young Carers. 

For many years Guildford Lions have provided day out for young carers. In recent years along with volunteers and staff from Guildford Young Careers they have enjoyed a trip to Harry Potter World. This day gives these remarkable young people an opportunity to childhood activity, something they do not get often.


Guildford Lions have been long-time supporters of Challengers making donations and providing manpower at events.

Cherry Trees.

Guildford Lions have provided a sensory room at Cherry Trees and made a substantial donation to their minibus with Guildford Lions members also volunteering as driver and supporting more of their activities.  

Park Barn Youth club.

Guildford Lions have supported Park Barn Youth club over many years.

Scout, Guides and Junior St Johns

Guildford Lions provide a limited number of individual sponsorships each year for Scout, Guides and Junior St John for Jamborees and projects including, Operation Raleigh and jamborees. 

Life Skills.

Lions in Great Britain also support the Lions Clubs Life Skills –providing teaching aids on topic such as: Smoking: Alcohol: Drugs Health & Well Being more details are available from: